Effective Communication strategies for better health results

Rachel and her partner Nathan, co-creator of this program, share practical exercises and immediately actionable strategies to develop skills that establish positive relationships between parents, patients and professionals, to achieve better health outcomes company-wide.  This program will enable every participant to make positive changes in their own workplace. Your team will collaborate to unpack what health looks like in your organisation through the lens of parent/carer, patient and health professional.   We’ll explore the humanity of your profession, developing communication skills and perspectives of care, and the solutions that best facilitate respect, trust, and kindness, throughout the diverse relationships within your health system.

This program has contributed to an increase in work enjoyment, reduced stress, a greater confidence to communicate difficult information, reduced costs of care, fewer complaints and a broader perspective of the parent/patient/health professional relationship and how to ensure it is an empowering one.


I’m excited by how we can all go to the next level as we navigate change.
I’m looking forward to seeing what we’re going to do with this.
I’ve learned so much and have got so much out of this.
This is just the start!
— Ric Sicurella, Franchise Head, Genetic Diseases & Oncology, Takeda Pharmaceuticals
Your presentation has been at times, extremely overwhelming and beautiful. As well as being like a banana! You’ve peeled off layers so that we can move forward now, almost as different people. You’ve pushed us out into a different space.
— Penny, Leadership Team, Takeda Pharmaceuticals
When the student is ready the teacher arrives. I think the timing of you being here seems to be serendipitous, on many, many levels. The people are ready for this.
Today with this workshop, you’ve given us a platform on which to build skills and a common language in which to communicate with people. Your reminder that it’s people behind the conditions, there’s actually a person that we are working with, is so helpful for us as we do our best. Your work is really profound.
— Arthur, Leadership Team, Takeda Pharmaceuticals
We all know the power of effective communication in relation to better health outcomes and increased clinician satisfaction within the work environment. If your health service needs to improve how it communicates then don’t go past the work of Rachel Callander. Not only are you getting a professional you are getting someone with first hand experience.
— Claire Edwards, Speaker, Facilitator, Mentor
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