I received your stunning book in the mail today here in Sydney and honestly, it has given me so much comfort and opened my eyes just a bit more to the enormous gift I have been given in my son. He is 22months old and has an undiagnosed genetic condition that presents like Parkinson’s in childhood. I myself am an Intensive Care Nurse and imagined that what I cared for I could cope with. Didn’t life show me?! Thanks to amazing women like you I have been taught to see things as they should be and differently! Thank-you from one Mum to another and one women to another. Your daughter was one lucky girl and we are lucky having you fighting at the forefront of this legacy. Your humility and love as a mother is palpable. Thank-you for having the strength during an unimaginable grief to help Mums like me!! Love to you and your family and much gratitude x
— Mum and Intensive Care Nurse
What is so moving about Rachel’s story is not about how close to death she’s come, its how close to life. Although she’s experienced profound grief and loss, she has seen humanity and abundance in typically unseen places, and told people to look, to pay attention. When she speaks, you can hear joy and pain all at once; this is clearly someone who has felt the extremes of life and held the tension. While she works closely with words, and advocates for more empowering language to be used in healthcare, she also believes there is more to communication than what we say. That’s one of the lessons her daughter Evie taught her. That when we quiet the mind and feel the connection, there’s actually an entire conversation going on right there between our bodies.
— Nathan Scolaro, Editor of Dumbo Feather
Thank you so much for your contribution and wonderful presentation. The evaluations show that your session was by far the highlight.

Many made the comment that they learned so much from the presentation and will be able to make changes within their own environment.
— Susie and Bob- co chairs MP4Kids Conference
I have heard many incredible keynote speakers and many deeply inspirational and powerful stories. But you did something I have not seen. Your story is not only powerful, inspirational and moving, but it is actionable! You gave everyone a blueprint to really shift the way in which we, as a rare disease community interact and communicate with the world of healthcare.
— Kendall Davis - Global Genes
I would like to give you some insight from a nurses perspective as to why you received a standing ovation today (the only one) -20/09/2018- at the NZNO conference in Wellington.
You helped remind a tired stressed (but still passionate) professional body what our role and responsibilities are to our clients. Not only to offer high quality nursing care but to also break through the ‘labels’ and ‘diagnoses’ of medical speak to acknowledge the potential in each and every individual.
I acknowledge you for sharing your experience and sharing Evie’s legacy with us.

Kia kaha wahine toa
Nga mihi nui
— Sacha Young- Nurse
In the 25 years that I have been organising and involved with the ASA, yours was the best opening address I have ever seen. And we’ve had politicians and celebrities and all sorts of people. We look at medicine in a very narrow way, we label and categorise everything and everyone. It is so good to be reminded that there is another way of looking at things. Thank you!
— Andrew Martin- former President of the Australasian Sonographers Association
Rachel’s talk should be compulsory for all medical students!
— Dr Simon Rowley, Neonatologist Auckland District Health Board
I was truly humbled when I heard you speak at the MP4 conference. As many did, I cried the whole way through. The tears were of enlightenment, joy and hope!

You were truly inspiring!
— Lesley Jeffries Paediatric Clinical Nurse Consultant Southern Child Healthcare Network Murrumbidgee Local Health District
Hi Rachel,
Just wanted to let you know how great you were at DFTB 17. You have revitalised and revolutionised my clinical approach to my patients, and the copies of your book that you signed for me have found a good home.
Keep up the great work…it matters!!
— David McDonald A/Prof David McDonald MBBS FRACP DA(UK) Associate Professor in Paediatrics UNSW Director Prevocational Education and Training PMBH Consultant Paediatrician | Head Department of Paediatrics /Port Macquarie Base Hospital
I am still in awe of the recent talk you gave me and my colleagues at the Courage and Innovation Conference for Southern District Health Board. I truly believe you have changed my clinical practice forever ... One small step at a time! You are amazing.
— Sarah Maley- Occupational Therapist NZ
What can I say? Just.... WOW! WOW! Not only are you an amazing, loving, caring, intuitive being, you hold a room in the palm of your hand and nurture them and guide them to be better people. What a gift you possess. Thank you!
— Sara McKenna, AIPP board QLD
There are 3 things in my life I will never forget, even as I get old and start to lose my memory. The first is my wedding day, the second, the time I went snorkelling in the most amazing ocean and the third, is your presentation you gave to the ASA.
— Debbie Eadie, Obstetric Sonographer
I feel privileged to have heard you talk today. Thank you for sharing. I am going to strive to be that understanding Paediatrician that communicates in an empathetic, empowering way to parents.
— Paediatrician, DFTB17 conference
Everyone loves your book! They find it original, moving, smart and beautiful. It works so well as counter-narrative to the medicalization of these kids.
— Josephine Johnston, Director of Research, The Hastings Center, New York.
You rock!!
Nothing but positive feedback. Your workshop prompted so much in the way of deep reflective thinking and how we make it all more of a reality, so you hit the nail on the head from this perspective.
You have such a gift in cutting to the chase of what we are here for… all too often this can get lost, so thank you for being a “pathfinder”… maybe that could be your new job title??

I hope to be in touch again soon for the next bright idea.
— Martin Chadwick, Executive Director Allied Health, Scientific and Technical BoP DHB
Why oh why did I wear eyeliner!
— Nicola Campbell, Paediatric Registra
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