Everyone has a Super Power

Super Power Kids is the follow on initiative of the Super Power Baby Project to raise the profile of children with disabilities, showcasing their unique talents, strengths and indomitable spirit. It directly challenges the deficit language often used around disability to focus on the gifts and abilities of Super Power Kids.

Super Power Kids is a collaboration between Kalparrin and renowned photographers Rachel Callander and Nathan Maddigan, capturing exquisite photographic images of children living with disability, telling their stories in a stunningly produced 200-page hardcover book to be launched at the 2019 Awesome International Arts Festival for Bright Young Things, including a photographic exhibition at the State Library of Western Australia and distribution of the book and accompanying educational resources to schools throughout Western Australia.

Using powerful imagery and storytelling and partnering with respected and high profile organisations, Super Power Kids is an 18-month campaign, using traditional and social media with the aim of educating children and adults that there is much that lies beyond initial and often negative impressions of children with disability.

Super Power Kids book and exhibition demonstrates that children with disability have so much to teach us about themselves and ourselves – and will reveal the value, potential, abilities and beauty in all children. Together we can change the focus, change the language and we can adopt an attitude that celebrates all of humanity.

This book and the images, words and messages within it are an opportunity to learn from the power of children and to reflect on ways to improve how we all care for and about children with disability.
— Gareth Baynam, Angela Wright Bennet Foundation Fellow for Undiagnosed Diseases in Children and Youth.
I can do anything, like everybody else!
— Sophie Kotkis, Super Power Kid
A powerful reminder that everyone’s differences should be embraced and their super powers celebrated.
— Prof. Jonathan Carapetis AM, Executive Director Telethon Kids Institute

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