Super Power Baby Project is an internationally awarded and celebrated book featuring striking photographic portraits of children with chromosomal and genetic conditions. The insights and images found in this book, challenge the deficit language so often reached for when describing disability.

This is a personal project that grew wings and is flying!. To read the full story of this journey and to order your own copy of this big, beautiful book, head here

The Super Power Baby Project is a life affirming work. It does not shy from the notion that genetic syndromes bring with them their share of challenge, grief and difficulty. The strong message is that there is much that lies beyond that. The pages demonstrate that these children have much to teach us about themselves and ourselves that is to be celebrated as truly exceptional. This book celebrates that simple reality.”
— Stephen Robertson, Curekids Professor of Paediatric Genetics, University of Otago, New Zealand, and writer of the incredible foreword in this book.
I just wanted to let you know that I have just seen how your book can transform people’s view of disability - I am currently supporting an Indian family who 3.5 weeks ago had a beautiful little girl with Down syndrome. Disability in their culture is such a taboo and they were devastated to say the very least (as the diagnosis was not made until after birth). Today they came to my house and I watched them (especially mum) be blown away as she looked through the images in the book. Her view of disability and her own child completely changed while she flicked through the pages. She for the first time saw hope that maybe everything was going to be ok. It was pure magic to watch and I had tears in my eyes watching it. Amazing! I have been trying to support them, the book did it all for me.
— Angela Gold
Everyone loves your book! They find it original, moving, smart and beautiful. It works so well as counter-narrative to the medicalization of these kids.
— — Josephine Johnston, Director of Research, The Hastings Center, New York.
Massive thanks for making such an amazing, inspirational book! I’m the mum of a wee boy who at was diagnosed with Zellweger syndrome. It is still so unbelievable and hard to deal with but after a friend gave us a copy of your book it has completely changed my way of seeing things. Although I always have, I now really focus on the things he can do.

— Mother
Hi Rachel
I just want to say thanks again for doing your Super Power Baby Project.
Today I received a new referral for a child with Kabuki Syndrome. I hadn’t heard of it and so googled it. So many terribly unflattering pictures and then I saw a picture that stood out above them all – it painted the child in such beauty. It was one of your pictures.

From the bottom of my heart thanks for doing something that is changing the face of disability, that speaks in a language of love and compassion.

— Lynda Nicholson, Physiotherapist
Feeling very buoyant with the arrival of such a treasure
of a publication.
My career spanned some 50+ years of paediatric nursing
and through your lens and comments of wisdom I also travelled back in time
recalling just so many of these special little characters with their bucket of at times
complex needs and so often short life spans.
They also had the capacity to enhance the lives of many through their very individual personality traits.
Congratulations once again on such a gem of a presentation.

— Steph Shannon

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