I wrote a book!

This is a personal project that grew wings and is flying!. To read the full story of this journey and to order your own copy of this big, beautiful book, head here

I just wanted to let you know that I have just seen how your book can transform people’s view of disability - I am currently supporting an Indian family who 3.5 weeks ago had a beautiful little girl with Down syndrome. Disability in their culture is such a taboo and they were devastated to say the very least (as the diagnosis was not made until after birth). Today they came to my house and I watched them (especially mum) be blown away as she looked through the images in the book. Her view of disability and her own child completely changed while she flicked through the pages. She for the first time saw hope that maybe everything was going to be ok. It was pure magic to watch and I had tears in my eyes watching it. Amazing! I have been trying to support them, the book did it all for me.
— Angela Gold
Massive thanks for making such an amazing, inspirational book! I’m the mum of a wee boy who at was diagnosed with Zellweger syndrome. It is still so unbelievable and hard to deal with but after a friend gave us a copy of your book it has completely changed my way of seeing things. Although I always have, I now really focus on the things he can do.

— Mother

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