Hugh's Marbles

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Hugh's Marblesweb.jpg

Hugh's Marbles


From the Hugh Mouse Series:

Featured at the Aigantighe Art Gallery Timaru NZ:

"A Local Focus, Contemporary Photography Exhibition" Jan-April 2017

Photographic Art Print- Fine Art paper, Limited Edition of 150,  8x12"  signed and numbered. 

Hugh Mouse is carpéing his diems, re-living the dream and having a ball of an afterlife. 

The “Hugh Mouse Series” intentionally challenges the viewer to consider the smallest things as being of value and having meaning. These creatures, often
seen as pests and rodents, have been elevated, even in death by Rachel’s natural ability to find beauty in unexpected places and honouring life, no matter how small. “Hugh Mouse” plays on the word posthumous and encourages the viewer to see beyond the conventional, beyond fear, to find humour, fun and a life well lived.

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