"Life, Love and Awesomeness, the impact and implications of language, about disability."

"....The words we currently use, maybe mostly because of the medical profession, to describe disability are, retarded, incompatible with life, abnormal, disabled. These are words that are very negative and culturally insensitive.

In our current culture sadly our  first thoughts that come to mind when we see or meet someone who looks different to us, is ‘whats wrong’. These words take potential, and even ability away.

What we associate with the word disability actually shows up the deficits in our culture which does not accept, encourage, or celebrate humanity. 

We are quick to place value judgements on a person, often before they are even born, before they have a chance to reveal their unique character, before they can enrich our own experience of life...."

This excerpt is part of a presentation called Life, Love and Awesomeness- the impact and implications of the language used at diagnosis and about disability. This talk was presented at the Australasian Sonographers Association's international conference in Brisbane.